An event is a best way to reach/connect to your leads. Your prospect will attend your event when they are aware about the event, and the content interests them. Are you facing challenges in driving right people to your events?

The difference between good events and great events is tight execution on marketing, automation of administrative tasks, and good management of the events.

The first element of a successful event is effective promotion through email invitations, automated online event registration and additional integrated marketing efforts such as direct mail, outbound phone calls and an informative event web site.

The second secret key to successful events is to support your event marketing efforts with targeted and personalized emails to invitees. Each group of invitees should receive specific messaging tailored to their interests.

The third secret of great events is effective campaign management. Planners need to track the number and status of their invitations to successfully monitor the campaign launch and projected success. Invitation open rates and the number of undelivered invitations or “bounce rates” offer valuable insight for campaign effectiveness.

Email invitations provide the sole solution to properly oversee campaigns and real time invitation status. Email invitations allow visibility for these important response rates with real time analysis. Planners can instantly take action with additional marketing campaigns to boost response.

  • Managing invitation and outreach process

  • Promotion through social media and tele calling

  • Follow-up: Before and after the event

  • Lead generation and nurturing


We at Lead2Data, takes the entire responsibility of your event right from building the database to managing registrations. We run the campaign, do follow-up on your behalf to drive attendance for your events.