Data management is the process of controlling the information generated during a research. Any research will require some level of data management. We help you create& append sales ready data for both your existing customer base and new business prospect.

In order to build a list that caters to specific business criteria, you need to map your customer base, categorize them, understand their specific requirement, and then target them. By targeting a small yet relevant list, you can spend time, resources and dollars on only those prospects that are likely to convert to customers and generate business.

Creating a list of relevant contacts is often considered as costly, time consuming & important. Buying a readymade data that is expensive, low on quality, outdated does not help your cause. We create customize list based on the criteria shared by you. It could be specific technology, industry or geography; we can help with you all.

Email List Building:

To ensure your list is relevant and high in quality, our list building process includes:

  • Identifying your target industry

  • Drilling down to details such as the organization and job title

  • Collating data and verifying it through automatic tools and manually

  • Delivering the list in the format compatible to you


If you have bad/incorrect data in your CRM in the form of wrong email addresses, missing key data fields, inaccurate contact details, then we can help you.

We verify, cleanse, and append any sales and marketing database.