The demand generation function in most businesses resides as part of the marketing organization. Demand Generation is a holistic approach to marketing and sales cohesion within the company. Building awareness is a vital component in the demand generation process. Building awareness often takes a continued effort and involves multiple facets of marketing.

There are multiple components of a stepped demand generation process that vary based on the size and complexity of a sale. These components include, among other things: building awareness, positioning relevance, supporting validation and mitigating customer evaluation.​

Successful demand generation requires more than just snappy creative or the latest marketing technology. At Lead2Data, we have years of experience helping our clients develop successful, cost-effective demand generation strategies, programs, and campaigns. Clients hire us because they value our unique combination of marketing expertise, creative flair, and laser focus on results.

We design and implement a comprehensive Demand generation program for you. How do we go about it? In three simple steps, we will have your demand generation program up & running:

  1. We create or leverage fresh content with well defined & targeted messaging. Publishing and sharing of fresh and relevant content in a well-defined time line is the key to success.

  2. Prospect Reach: Campaigns designed to deliver relevant content to the pre-defined target audience. Whether it is collateral, newsletter or a simple email, we make sure that it is sent to the thoroughly segmented lists.

  3. Social Media: We promote your content all across the popular social media channels & forums to drive traffic towards your website or landing page.